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Custom Titan Build to integrate with Cloudera 5.5

The PokitDok Data Science team uses the latest stable build of Titan with Hadoop2 as our primary transactional graph database. We built our graph database to...

Top 100K PokitDok Providers

Recently, we took a look at the top 100,000 providers from the PokitDok Marketplace and viewed our database's structure according to each provider's primary and...

Bringing ICD-10 to the Masses

It's finally here. After numerous delays and false starts, the US has made ICD-10 the law of the land. We'll have a more complete picture...

Speed is everything.

A big part of the PokitDok Platform is simplifying connectivity to insurance companies. Instead of reams of X12, you can write a few lines of...

Welcome to Domination.

We're PokitDok. You may have heard of us.

Online Recommendation Systems: Getting Personal with Gremthon - Part 2

Part two of a pair of posts about online recommendation systems and graph theory.

Online Recommendation Systems: What it Really Means to be 'Somebody Like You' - Part 1

PokitBlog is starting a new trend called Technical Tuesdays #techtuesdays (Throwback Thursdays are so yesterday). In honor of our amazing technical and data science teams...

Health 2.0 Boston Codeathon Recap

Our Front-End Director Chris Wilhite and I traveled to lovely, not-particularly-sunny Boston this weekend for the Health 2.0 Boston Code-A-Thon.