AccelAPX Recap

Spring is here, and that means two things are coming -

  1. Allergy flareups!
  2. PokitDok's conference season!

Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending the Accel APX Conference, put on by Accel Partners. Featuring platform and evangelism experts from Twitter, Facebook, Uber, and Amazon Web Services, this was a good opportunity to see how strongly Accel and the industry in general are embracing the API economy.

The central message was that companies are becoming more comfortable focusing on their core businesses, and leaving everything else - from traditional areas like compute and storage, to newer functions including HR and even criminal background checks - to other companies. One compelling talk from Adam Fitzgerald, from Amazon Web Services, highlighted best practices in marketing APIs to developers in a genuine, helpful way. Happily, PokitDok is doing pretty well on that front, but I came away with a few potential enhancements in mind for our platform site.

After that, I stopped by Rock Health for an interesting meetup about the emerging HL7 FHIR standard. Long story short, making it possible to integrate to electronic medical record (EMR) systems via a clean, RESTful interface is a great idea, but implementation in the health IT world is traditionally glacial, and it'll be some time before you'll be able to do much with it. Read more about it on Rock Health's blog.